Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Ok I know. Overalls are not for everyone... But I absolutely love them! I have been searching for a pair of ripped black overalls for quite some time now and finally found this amazing pair at Forever 21 Men. There is just something so amazing about looking like you spent time getting ready when in all actuality you just threw on a glorified pair of jeans and now you are looking phenomenal! 
Lately I've been trying to branch out and find my personal style, which is always evolving and changing, and feel like this is the vibe I love at the moment! Black and White simple yet refined! Hope you guys like it! 

Sunglasses: YSL
Sweater: H&M
Overalls: Forever 21
Shoes: Puma 
Watch: Marc Jacobs 

"The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique." 
-Walt Disney

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Tumblr Time // Mood Board

I think that some times we try extremely hard to fit into a fashion mold. Be out the preppy student look, the tailored business man, or a variety of other looks. For me lately it has been trying to branch out from a single mold and really reflect on what about fashion and clothing and the every day choice that I love so much. And I've come to realize its the mood. The mood that you present when you are wearing a certain outfit. It can be an all black posh looking vibe throwing on your favorite pair of black out sunnies ready for the day. Or a more laid back stripped classic button down thrown on over the best ripped jeans as you float through your easy going day. Each outfit that you put on has a direct reflection of a part of you and a part of that inner beauty that we as a culture so desperately wish to see. My favorite thing is seeing someone, no matter what they have on, walk down the street with the confidence of a king. Someone who is so unapologetically themselves through their clothes that its almost a breath of fresh air seeing them among the crowd. So for this weeks Tumblr Time my mood is laid back, effortless, and mysterious. An almost untouchable cool that seems to be just a reach away yet at the same time the hardest look to pull off. I absolutely love it! Hope you guys enjoy just a few of the incredible pictures from my constant mood board! 

All images were found using tumblr. I do not own any of these images.

"Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life." —Bill Cunningham

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Park Layers

This week I decided it was time I look through my closet and really start to wear everything in it. Be it a pair of shoes I bought on a whim or a crisp white button down worn in a brand new way. Too often I buy something and wear it once and then let it hang in my closet for weeks on end. So this week is wearing all the things I always want to have on! 
Today it's my favorite White button Down!  I feel like most of the time to wear a white button down I need to have a classy destination to be headed towards or have it tucked in in a more classic way, but I absolutely love this look. Between my favorite pair of ripped jeans and these perfect white adidas this outfit is perfect for literally any occasion. 

Sunglasses: YSL
Button Down: H&M
Sweater: H&M
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Adidas Originals 
Watch: Michael Kors 

"There's so much to appreciate about my life every single day, and I make a big point of taking time to smell the roses and noticing how lucky I am. I never want to take that for granted." -Josie Maran