Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Balboa Beaching

From before I can remember I've always loved the beach. Be it playing in the water or just going to admire its beauty, there is something special about it. One thing that has become a favorite of mine is to go to Balboa. The combination of old beach houses together along streets outlined with palm trees is so brilliant to me. Each store along the main street open with people smiling back at you all welcoming another beautiful day. 
This is where I go to breathe. My place to relax. My place to rejuvenate. The best people to do that with is my family! Whats better than a smoothie in one hand, puppy in the other, and an amazing conversation with my family. ( Let me answer for you... nothing is better than that!) I just feel like being outside and by the water and seeing the beauty of the island allows for my mind to be open to every single possibility there is in life! And that makes each and every single day more exciting and more enjoyable to live. 
Plus you can find amazing vintage cars parked outside of some of these beach houses! I definitely couldn't resist the opportunity to do a photo shoot!! Wearing my favorite Adidas running pants with this awesome camo jacket from H&M paired with the best white leather Air Max's! It's the perfect outfit for a weekend walk along the beach! 

Sunglasses: Prada
Camo Jacket: H&M
T-shirt: Alternative Apparel 
Running Pants: Adidas 
Shorts: Nike 
Shoes: Nike Air Max's
Watch: Michael Kors 

-Ann Landers 

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