Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Kiss This

Kiss This! Feeling like a rock star in this outfit.  Sometimes the clothes we put on can fully transform our mood for the day, and for this day I needed the added confidence of a star. I love that about fashion. It is a way to become someone you want to be. 
I absolutely love these rocker-esque Zara black leather boots! Paired with a great rocker T-Shirt and my new favorite pair of Toy Shade Black Out Sunglasses! Hope you are all having a brilliant start to your week. 

Hat: yellow108
Shirt: H&M
Sunglasses: Toy Shade
Watch: Michael Kors 
Jeans: Levis
Boots: Zara

“There is some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for.” 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Balboa Beaching

From before I can remember I've always loved the beach. Be it playing in the water or just going to admire its beauty, there is something special about it. One thing that has become a favorite of mine is to go to Balboa. The combination of old beach houses together along streets outlined with palm trees is so brilliant to me. Each store along the main street open with people smiling back at you all welcoming another beautiful day. 
This is where I go to breathe. My place to relax. My place to rejuvenate. The best people to do that with is my family! Whats better than a smoothie in one hand, puppy in the other, and an amazing conversation with my family. ( Let me answer for you... nothing is better than that!) I just feel like being outside and by the water and seeing the beauty of the island allows for my mind to be open to every single possibility there is in life! And that makes each and every single day more exciting and more enjoyable to live. 
Plus you can find amazing vintage cars parked outside of some of these beach houses! I definitely couldn't resist the opportunity to do a photo shoot!! Wearing my favorite Adidas running pants with this awesome camo jacket from H&M paired with the best white leather Air Max's! It's the perfect outfit for a weekend walk along the beach! 

Sunglasses: Prada
Camo Jacket: H&M
T-shirt: Alternative Apparel 
Running Pants: Adidas 
Shorts: Nike 
Shoes: Nike Air Max's
Watch: Michael Kors 

-Ann Landers 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Positive Frame of Mind

I woke up today feeling so renewed, not afraid, no feelings of not being good enough, or feeling like I’ll never reach my dreams has gone away. I'm 23 sitting outside on my laptop watching as my two new puppies chew bones and it just clicked. We make our life! We decide if its going to be amazing or if we are going to continue living in a way that doesn’t make us happy. The crazy thing is that it’s so easy to slip in and out of this feeling. This beautifully tranquil, “The skies the limit feeling.” Don’t get me wrong, just because I’m feeling good doesn’t mean that I’m never going to have another bad day, or think a negative comment, or feel like I’m never going to make it. NO. What I am saying is that this feeling is going to stay with me! Each time those negative feelings and comments begin to creep in I’m going to think back to this moment writing this and remember this feeling. Remember that its going to be OK! Now I don’t know what the future holds, modeling, dancing, acting, traveling the world blogging! I don’t know what is about to happen, but what I do know is that I’m now more excited than afraid or worried! It is as if I took a mental leap of faith and jumped off and I’m ready to swim around!
 I hope that you are starting off your week feeling energized and hopeful for what’s to come! 

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” 
-George Eliot

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Broad

So I did it! I went to The Broad in downtown LA,  and it was brilliant. Too many times I forget that some of the most incredible art that is being presented to the public is right in my backyard. The Broad was no exception. 
To me art and museums are an opportunity to find the creativity inside you and see the brilliance of what has come before you. It's a way to look inside yourself and think and find what moves inside of you and bring it to light to show to the world. For me every time I walk into a museum be it classic art, Renaissance, sculpture or any other type of art being presented I imagine the art coming to life. I imagine that with my first step inside the room the art takes it's first breathe. A women steps from a painting flowers in hand and victorian dress sweeping out of the frame. Or the greek statue of a God slowly inhaling to life as the stones form together creating the perfect outline of a man. And as I enter the room I imagine the lights dimming, ballroom coming to a silence, and slowly music begins to play. As I step in music raises and it becomes an effortless dance accompanied only by the surroundings of history on the walls iv'e come to see! And the Broad was no exception. From the creativity of the building to the way the art was being displayed this museum was incredible. Each turn presenting a new look at art and a trip through the artists mind.  If you are in LA and looking for a place to see some beautiful art definitely make a trip to see it! 

Coat: Zara
Band T: H&M
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Nike Air Max's 

“If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud.” 
-Émile Zola