Thursday, January 21, 2016

Tumblr time

This is the first time this year that I am posting from My personal Tumblr and I'm so incredibly excited! Tumblr is a place that I go to whenever I need inspiration or need to just see what is going on in the world of fashion. And right now is the absolute best time ever to be following fashion blogs on Tumblr, FASHION WEEKS! Starting out with Mens Collection London and now Milan and all the other Fashion weeks Tumblr is lighting up with incredible street style and inspiration. 
For me I don't just look at the men, I look at the women and how they incorporate mens collections into every day life. Its so beautiful to me seeing someone take an incredible item from the runway and transform it into a seamless every day street wear outfit that just looks like it was made to be worn by them! 
To me thats what fashion is all about. Taking items that you love and throwing them together to create something that will make you feel incredible! 

I do not own any of these images all are used for inspirational purposes only! 

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