Sunday, December 14, 2014

#SpokenSundays- "Water"

For the second #Spoken Sunday video I decided to write a little something about Water! It may seem like a thing that we take for granted but it is so incredible the power and life it gives! 

The force that gives us life
An everlasting rush of light
Like gravity and air
A constant to survive
Softly whispers 
You will be alright
Flowing freely 
Falling softly 
Rushing through me 
Knowing always what you give to me 
The power to move
Moments in time 
This simple beauty 
This rush is mine 
From the elegant touch 
To the crashing of waves 
You enter and exit 
Never here to stay 
Like an ocean wave 
On a rainy day 
You can be soft and silent 
Creating a world brand new 
You can be tumultuous yet enlightening 
To present a different view
Everlasting feeling that we can't comprehend
You are always with us until the end. 

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