Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Constant Reminder

Hi everyone! So if you don't know already I am a professional dancer as well as a fashion blogger. I have been dancing for the majority of my life and honestly love what I do. I feel like dance has a way of allowing you to connect with people in a way that nothing else can. Between the music guiding you through each move and emotion filling the room, dance can allow you to move past judgement and break down walls within yourself. Throughout dance there are so many different styles and ways to move and sometimes its the most simply things that mean the most. Much like in daily life. A Smile, a thank you, and just being kind throughout the day have become things that seem to be pushed aside. We need to remember that each of us has the ability to make this world a better place, and its our duty to! Life is so much better when we come together and choose to have the best day, we choose to smile at a stranger, and we choose to love this amazing journey that we are all on. But sometimes we forget that each and every person is going through something that we don't know anything about. It isn't our place to ask or judge, but it is our place to be human. Be the person we want to be, and the person that we want more of. Sometimes a little reminder of the simple things in life is all we need! 
Here is an amazing video by one of my favorite  choreographers Kyle Hanagami reminding us that every second we have a choice to make life amazing! Hope you enjoy! 

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