Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tumblr Time

Hello Everyone! Hope that today is finding you having a brilliant start to your day. I am so happy to be back blogging this week and sharing with you guys more of my street style/ inspiration! Tumblr for me is such an amazing thing because it is constantly changing and evolving, much like a person. With each image posted or reblogged from your dash you create an image for yourself! It allows you to create and discover your passions, interests and be able to share them freely with anybody. Its really a personal portal, getting to see the way someone thinks, feels, and wants their life to be. 
(all images found on tumblr I do not own these)

For winter The trends that seem to be iconic and everlasting are the oversized trench coat ( no matter where you are, hot or cold). Revealing ankles by rolling your pants or tucking them into boots. And pairing street wear outfits with classic shoes. all things that when incorporated into your day to day style takes your street wear to a whole new level!

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